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    Chat Rules


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    Chat Rules Empty Chat Rules

    Post by Stan on Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:15 am

    These are the list of rules that apply on the forum chat.

    1. Do not excesively spam the chat with random messages.
    2. Try writing full sentences instead of writing a few words continued by another sentence. This could also mean avoiding spam.
    3. Do not send links containing malware or any type of viruses.
    4. Piracy is also forbidden, so do not send links that redirect you to sites that offer you free games/movies/E-books/pornography/etc.
    5. This is a decent forum and we're trying to make our community as respectful as possible. So do not send links that contain pornography/hentai on the chat. You've got the hentai section on the forums for that.
    6. Insulting eachother is forbidden, so by any means neccesarily try to have a respectful talk.
    7. No trolling. Which means you are not allowed to fool/trick/mock any of these community's users. This rule doesn't apply however when an innocent joke is implied.
    8. Do not use bright colors that may be eye-damaging for some people
    9. Not following any of these rules will be punished with possible mutes.

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