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    Reviewer [Information + Application template]


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    Reviewer [Information + Application template] Empty Reviewer [Information + Application template]

    Post by Stan on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:54 am

    Good evening beautiful people and staff of OphionAnimes.
    As you can see, reviewer is a newly implemented rank, so I might as well explain you some things.

    What is a reviewer's job?

    A reviewer must constantly check animes and review them. This might also include debates and predictions

    What does "reviewing" mean?

    That is a fairly good question. You see, reviewing an anime can contain your personal opinion about it on one hand, and others' general opinion on another hand.
    Reviewing may also contain constructive criticism about the anime.

    This sounds like a job I'd apply for! How do I do that?

    Momentarily, all staff positions are frozen until we get enough uploaders, but the template will be this:

    What's your real name?:
    How old are you?: (this matters, lots. We take maturity into consideration)
    Have you ever criticised animes on any other sites?:
    Do you prefer debating in a polite manner or do you chaotically force your ideas through people's necks?:
    How well do you speak english and when did you start learning it?:
    What is your favorite anime?: (I want this written through an elegant and more-explained manner, preferabily through at least 6 lines)

    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

    Oh, it IS a chore. Risking your life and keeping busy are all the same!

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